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chất lượng tốt Full Color LED Panel giảm giá
chất lượng tốt Full Color LED Panel giảm giá
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Ngoài ra, ngoài trời đã dẫn đến 4 người dùng ngoài trời đã được xếp hạng 4 trong số này, nhưng nó đã được sử dụng trong 8 năm trước đây và được xem là một trong số 16 trường hợp tốt nhất trong số 16 trường đại học của bạn với các trường đại học khác nhau trong số các trường đại học.

—— Nina Litvinova from Kazakhstan

Biz 6 tháng trước fazla işbirliği var, đã biz iyi bir mưa, ben kazanmak kazanmak trong kazanmak gibi, ben seninle cô ấy zaman iptbirliği yapmak istiyorum ......

—— Arif Ali TEKTAS from Turkey

Ini adalah pertama kalinya cho memasang hiển thị yang dipimpin, và có thể được thêm vào và một lần nữa và bạn có thể sử dụng để tạo ảnh và hiển thị cho video yang Anda rekam juga ...

—— Luky videotron from Indonesia

Fell very reliable to cooperated with you, actually there are some problems but you helped to solved on time, It is ok I will cooperate with you .....

—— Marc Michaelson from England

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    LED Advertising Display Screen Producing Shedule:


    Shenzhen ChinaStar Optoelectronic Co., Limited.



    Our Producing Equipments and Work Shops:


    Shenzhen ChinaStar Optoelectronic Co., Limited.


    Shenzhen ChinaStar Optoelectronic Co., Limited.


    Shenzhen ChinaStar Optoelectronic Co., Limited.


    Shenzhen ChinaStar Optoelectronic Co., Limited.



    Shenzhen ChinaStar Optoelectronic Co., Limited.


    With proven technologies, expertise, support and services, ChinaStar OEM/ODM offerings extend beyond the hardware and help partners go to market quickly without draining their resources and budgets. OEM /ODM partners can find success in a number of markets both within and beyond the traditional led display, including Die-casting rental hang display, front service led display, transparent glass led display, soft flexible led display, media facade display,strip curtain led display,mesh screen,interactive floor display, mobile vehicle led display ......



    What is OEM/ODM?


    1.Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)


    OEM represents an original equipment manufacturer. This type of manufacturer (e.g. ChinaStar) makes products or product components that your companies purchase and sell under your brand name. What you should only do is to design the products, while the OEM (e.g. ChinaStar) makes them to your specifications, design and requirements.


    2.Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)


    When you find ODM, it refers to a company that is the original design manufacturer. These companies (e.g. ChinaStar) design and manufacture a product that is eventually sold by your company with your company’s brand. In this case, the ODM does everything from designing the product to manufacturing it. Local ODMs provide benefits to foreign companies by offering lower costs for local goods.



    What kind of LED Display products you could get in ChinaStar?


    As a high performance leader in Advertising LED Display, ChinaStar provides a huge selection of LED Displays, including standard SMD3in1 P1.6 P2.0 P2.5 P3 P3.91 P4 P4.81 P5 P6 P6.25 P7.62 P8 P10 for indoor serials, P5 P6 P6.67 P8 P10 SMD3in1 and DIP 1R1G1B P8 P10 P16 P20 for Outdoor Advertisin Led Display Serials, Then alll standard serials and special for P3.91 P4.81 P6.25 P8.928 P10.4 for rental hang display, Now Die-casting price nearly going down as standard rental led display, as it is much light weight slim and, much higher accurate and strength. And we have developed new products like front open led display module, glass transparent led display, p3 p4 outoor poster led display, Solar led display, Soft flexible led display module, Front service strip media facade, and aluminum dot strip for media facade too, and more than 30% Energy Saving Led Display ......


    Benefits of OEM/ODM Manufacturing at ChinaStar


    1.Multiple choices


    ChinaStar provides a wide range of LED Displays , including Advertising indoor and outdoor led display, Rental LED Displays. Besides, the products can be applied to different kinds of install environments, Transparent for light and wind, easy maintain with front service......


    2.High quality


    ChinaStar always concentrate on the design as well as production of energy-saving and environmental Led Displays. So you could order with confidence of our products with high 3-year warranty and the certification of CE & ECE & ROSH. What’s more, our LED Display are of high brightness high refresh rate high Gray level and low power consumption, which can be used in rain or bad environment due to the design of anti-corrosion, anti-wind, and transparent for sunshine.


    3.Cheap price


    Due to our convenient and ideally located in Shenzhen, you can receive the service and products you are looking for exactly with cheap price. And depending on the order volume, the nature and dimension of cooperation you are targeting with ChinaStar, various solutions may be possible and feasible for your wholesale orders.


    OEM/ODM manufacturing is usually of a stable and long-term cooperation. Depending on the order volume, the nature and dimension of cooperation you are targeting with ChinaStar, various solutions may be possible and feasible for your wholesale orders.


    Welcome to contact us for further information about OEM manufacturing.

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    ChinaStar R&D Services:


    ● R&D Technologist Team with 20 to 30 Staff

    ● Machinery/Equipment for R&D

    ● High speed SMT

    ● Plug in machine

    ● Auto glue and aging line

    ● Automatic waterproof testing machine

    ● Vibration testing machine and more

    ● Brightness testing machine

    ●Tell us what you want, we will provide our best technical and developping skills to produce your satisfy products.


    Products testing:


    Shenzhen ChinaStar Optoelectronic Co., Limited.



    ChinaStar Solutions


    Digital Advertising displays are changing the face of our public spaces, while enhancing office productivity and collaboration. Whether used for digital signage, informational messaging, system monitoring, advertising, productivity and communication, entertainment or architectural ambiance, ChinaStar video displays can transform the experiences of working, shopping, and socializing......


    ChinaStar is on the forefront of these trends with award-winning display offerings that are designed for the rigors of public venue installations and mission critical operations, while delivering the features and performance that create incredible visual experiences......


    Shenzhen ChinaStar Optoelectronic Co., Limited.




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